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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Dr Kate and Dr Robin, Samuel’s Mum and Dad, came to visit Year 5 to talk to us about ‘Heart and Pulse’, our science topic. We had a fun and informative morning hearing how the heart worked when pumping blood around the body, finding all our pulse points and questioning Dr Kate and Dr Robin about their jobs. We even listened to our hearts using their stethoscopes. Diolch for an amazing experience!


We devised a Healthy Living Questionnaire for Year 6 to complete and have collated the results on an Excel spread sheet so that we can display the finding in charts and graphs and analyse the results. Thank you, Ollie for your laborious typing out and to Katie, Harry, Morgan and Joseph for collating the results. We will feed back to you Year 6!


The Year 5 summer holiday task, for our ‘Pyramid Panorama’ topic, was to research, design and make either a pyramid or camel. Mrs Harding and Mrs Roberts were delighted on the first day to see pyramids and camels of all shapes and sizes travelling up the school path with a Year 5 pupil behind! We then made a display of them by the River Nile and desert and the following week we peer assessed them in groups using 2 stars and a wish. We have since used them in mathematics and topic work. Dai awn pawb!


The front of our topic books are decorated with foil sculpture cartouches that display our names in hieroglyphics. We are very proud of them!

Autumn Term 2017

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