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Following a report from Professor Graham Donaldson CB in February 2015, entitled 'Successful futures,' (see link below) the Welsh Assembly Government have developed an IT framework to develop children's Digital Competence, across all areas of the curriculum and across all age ranges. This framework is called the 'Digital Competence Framework' and has become one of the central focuses of the curriculum alongside literacy and numeracy.


The framework introduces and develops the skills needed to live and work in an increasingly online and digital world, ranging from communicating and collaborating to problem solving and handling online bullying.

Like literacy and numeracy it will apply across all subjects, developing skills and confidence in learners that make them adaptable to changes in technology over time.


The framework has four strands of equal importance. Each has a number of elements which explore the detail within it. The strands are:

  • Citizenship – which includes the elements of ‘Identity, image and reputation’, ‘Health and well-being’, ‘Digital rights, licensing and ownership’, and ‘Online behaviour and cyberbullying’

  • Interacting and collaborating – which includes the elements of ‘Communication’, ‘Collaboration’, and ‘Storing and sharing’

  • Producing – which includes the elements of ‘Planning, sourcing and searching’, ‘Creating’, and ‘Evaluating and improving’

  • Data and computational thinking – which includes the elements of ‘Problem solving and modelling’, and ‘Data and information literacy’.


The framework was released to schools in September 2016 and although not yet statutory until September 2017, we felt as a school that it was important to get started on embedding these key skills across our curriculum.

Hwb / E- Safety Meeting for Parents - Come and join us on Wednesday 22nd March

Hwb / E- Safety Meeting for Parents - Come and join us on Wednesday 22nd March 1

Thank you!!

A big thank you to all the parents and pupils who attended our Hwb / E - Safety Meet on Wednesday 22nd March. We thank you for all the positive feedback we have had on this event and look forward to sharing further digital sessions with you in order to prepare your child as critical and logical thinkers for a ‘Digital World!’




Please find below the Powerpoint from the event for your reference.

Any questions regarding 'Hwb' please do not hesitate to ask your class teacher. smiley


School re-opens on Wednesday, 4 September. Have a good summer!